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Open Classes 2022

Open Classes 2022

Welcome to the registration page for the European Open Classes 2022! They will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on Sunday 26th of June returning to the in-person classes after 2 years!

The Open Classes is the most important event of the International League, where students from many countries can meet to share a weekend practicing the Pa-Kua knowledge together.



- A “Family member” counts as those who live in the same residence (brothers, sisters, couples)

- One T-shirt is included with the registration. For those done before the 22th of May, will receive it in Lisbon. Those that register later, will receive the T-shirt after the event in your school of practice;

- DINNER: the dinner is not included with the registration, it will be paid directly to the restaurant. Here we only need the confirmation of assistance;

- In case of cancellation: you have until the 6th of June, and if you do cancel you will be discounted the price of the t-shirt + shipment to the school of your practice (if also necessary the shipping). Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

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